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Saorsa is the US medical device distributor for SWIFT technology, a disruptively innovative therapy used for viral lesions, primarily plantar warts.  By harnessing the power of low level microwaves, SWIFT essentially "uncloaks" HPV infected cells by stimulating a natural immune response.  Delivered in less time than other treatment options, SWIFT does not break the skin, requires no post treatment bandages or patient downtime, creates no smoke or plume, and does not destroy tissue. Speak to our team of consultants to find out how SWIFT can increase patient flow, significantly impact patient outcomes, and positively contribute to a healthy bottom line for your practice.

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The Wart Patient Frustration Zone - Treat With Swift
Patient Explainer Video 1
Patient Explainer Video 2 - Plantar Wart Specific
Rural Acceptance, Dr. Teimouri Pennsylvania
Clinician Testimonial, Dr. Goldstein, New Jersey
Dermatology Patient & Practice Impact, Dr. Portela Idaho
Clinician Testimonial, Dr Balloch, Connecticut
Patient Testimonial, Havana - 8 years old, Dr. Conenello

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Swift Seminar Show Special

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In recognition and appreciation of those who are among the first to adopt Swift Microwave Therapy, Saorsa is pleased to offer the Swift Early Adopter Package (Show Only Special). Upon initial investment (purchase or lease), our digital marketing specialist will connect with your team to discuss marketing platforms that have historically delivered strong ROI. We will put together your strategic marketing plan, and Saorsa will match the investment up to a maximum value of $500, in order to drive initial patient flow. Additionally, the practice will receiv1 FREE box of Swift Applicator Tips to kick-off a highly profitable start to your program. We look forward to welcoming you to the Swift Community.